Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 3 - Project Animal Hearts

Aaack, Monday again! Well, I got a ton more animal cards done this weekend, so I'm cranking along here! Today I wanted to show you some of the animal sympathy cards I made for my shelter project. Animal sympathy cards are definitely the best sellers in my shelter basket. I believe it's because they are hard to find in a regular greeting card store anywhere! This is the little curled up dog stamp I was telling you about yesterday...he can be used for sympathy or 'sorry you're sick, or 'ruff day' cards. He's from Raisinboat's stamp set called "A Dog's Life"
These are super easy to color, so I can crank out a ton at once. The patterned paper is from a big block of scrapbooking paper that a friend gave me as a gift a MILLION years ago (USE IT UP!). The 3-d paw is a die-cut I found at Archivers - I cut a ton out of brown paper and added them as an embellishment. The sentiment is from a Raisinboat stamp set called "Paws to Remember".
More tomorrow!


Linda S. said...

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted you to know that I think your project to raise funds is outstanding, and very kind of you. It is so difficult to loose our pets. I think making a sympathy card such as yours gives the receiver a true sense of comfort. I have made several cards like this, and it takes forever because the tears keep getting in the way. Linda S. in NE

Bev Gerard said...

Lisa ...
I will never ever forget receiving a sympathy card for one of our beloved pets ... never. It's such a heartfelt loss for pet-lovers... that isn't always understood by those without pets.

Marvy idea, ma'am.