Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafty Secrets Xmas Postcards

Hey everyone! Can you believe it, 2 posts in one week for me! And I'm aiming for a third also! How lame am I? LOL!

My family was shopping in one of our favorite boutique stores and saw a sign that said "Go sell CRAZY somewhere else, we're all stocked up here!". That pretty much sums up my life lately. I'm in prep-mode for CHA, and since I've done CHA for the last few years, my feet are already screaming, thinking about the trauma of standing for days on bad shoes. I thought I'd try to plan ahead this time and find some cute, comfy shoes that won't make my feet scream. Unfortunately, I wear a size 5, which is not plentiful, if shoe companies make them at all. So I ended up with these Clarks "Navan" casual sandals, and got them 1/2 off! We'll see if they work; I usually end up in flip flops on like, DAY 2. WHY don't they make cute shoes with like an inch of padding in them for trade shows? LOL!

Okay, so you could care less about my shoes, lets get to the goodies, right? This is one of the new Postcard Kits that Crafty Secrets will debut next week. I played with some of the Xmas themed ones; I decided I'm having more fun making them into decorative hangings, vs. actually sending a postcard! I glued a glittered chipboard swirl to the bottom of this one, then hung the chipboard images to the swirl with wire! All of these cute little images and heart shaped chipboard come with the kit!

Here's another snowman image from the kit. I used my chipboard swirls again and glued it to the front to get some dimension, then added a chipboard star on top of the swirl. I took clear glitter and glittered some of the snow on the hanging, so everything is sparkly.

I know you actually can send these in the mail, I think you'd just want to not add the extra layers and try to keep things flat. My sister already called dibs on the first image, she wants to use it for xmas decorations, so I guess mailing it is a moot point anyway!
Don't forget to go to the Crafty Blog and enter the give-away for postcard kits HERE!

Hope you're having a good week, everyone!


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Jessica said...

Hi, they do make cute shoes with thick soles. They just cost an arm and a leg! I have bad feet.... so I deal with this often. Good luck at the show.