Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My shabby CHA picks!

Okay guys, I'm back from Orlando and finally have recovered enough to sit down and go through my CHA photos and pick favorites! The retail part of the show was a complete success, and Crafty Secrets was a HUGE hit! Anything that was not nailed down in the booth sold QUICKLY! I hope this signals that the economy is recovering and people are happily going back about their business of stamping and scrapbooking! I thought tonite I'd show you some CHA eye candy. If you have been following the trends, you know that vintage is HOT right now! We had the pleasure of having a booth right across from Melissa Frances, and I got to meet her cute little survivor (breast cancer) self in person!
Melissa's line got me STRAIGHT in the heart. I WAS VERCLEMPT, I tell you, when I saw the cool BINGO cards she's selling! HEART PALPITATIONS!

These cool bottle-brush xmas trees that she had on the bingo card came in soft pink and cream! SO YUMMY!

She also is selling vintagey-looking crepe paper, and the coolest MICA flakes in shabby blue and pink! (I GOT ME SOME OF THESE...YAAAAHOO!)
Cool vintagey hardware for your projects, in shabby STILL my heart! Okay, enough gushing over Melissa. On to Making Memories. The Making Memories booth resembled a cool, old-timey sewing goods shop! I had heart palpitations here, too! Check out the chippy paint on this chair. Heaven, I tell ya!

Enjoy peeks at the vintage findings! MM has always carried vintagey-looking lines, but this one blew me away! So much yumminess!

Back with more tomorrow!


Savor the Journey said...

Soooo, how in the world did I miss the MF schtuff?! I'm guessing "too much chattering"! hahahha

Such a sweet time to see you again! I'm tickled to hear that you had some LZ shoppin' time too. You worked your wee buns off last week!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and excited about all the great vintage 'bling'. Wouldn't that stamped/rub-on bird window look great at your house? Maybe against that beautiful red kitchen?
Thanks for sharing a look at CHA.
Ad K.

Sadie Lou said...

I love the Vintage Findings booth--everything looks so tempting!
Did you get my email?