Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life is Sweeter.

Hi girlies! Life is crazy here in snowy MN...I'm a travel agent, so I'm fielding calls left and right for people whose flights have been cancelled from the snow! I just heard that out of the 48 continental US states, 47 have snow...the only exception is FLORIDA! Girls, let's all head to FLORIDA!

The good thing that happens when the weather is cold and snowy, is that I hit my stamp room after work and lose myself in creating cards. Last week I was busy creating valentines. Here is another Unity valentine, made with Unity's "Rockin It, Unity Style" stamp set. This fun little gumball machine is easy to color, and I can crank out about a million of these, easily.

I promised to show you some of my vintage valentine collection...I love how simple and sweet they all are!

Hope you are as inspired as I am by them!


Beth Norman said...

Yup, I agree--let's head to Florida. Your vintage cards are adorable. You always put a smile on my face with your work.

Doreen said...

These are "adorablistic"! I especally like the card with the bubblegum machine as I just picked up one of these beauties from the thrift store and filled it with Valentine m&ms!