Friday, April 10, 2009

Easy Easter Plant Picks

Procrastinator girl here again, with a quickie Easter gift idea for you! I threw these together tonite after work. I grabbed a couple of these beautiful potted flowers at the grocery store, (Kowalski's if you live in the Twin Cities.. $7.99 each!) and I wanted to dress them up with a cute pick so that they'd look a bit fancier than, uhm, grocery store plants!

I dug into my sheets of Crafty Secrets Easter-themed Creative Scraps and ran a glue pen's width of glue around the edge of the cut-out image. Then I dumped Martha Stewart white-gold glitter to the edges to give it sparkle.

I cut a backing-sheet out of cardstock to fit the image, and had some skewers in my craft cabinet that I got at the grocery store a while ago (barbeque/shish-kebob aisle). All I did was take zip-dry paper glue and run it around the edge of the backing and stuck the vintage image over the top! (Run a line of glue on the top of the wooden stick too, before you stick the image down.)

Next, I took some wide organdy ribbon scraps (these were from Michaels' $1.00 spot) and tied the organdy to the skewer. I quickly ran my heat gun along the edges of the ribbon, which melts the ribbon and makes it ruffly! That's IT! DONE! 10 minutes each; 15 if you're screaming at the kids or hubby at the same time! I also took a silver gel pen and outlined the bunnies for extra shimmer, but this step is optional! Keep it easy!

Here's what they looked like after I was done with them. They look like they took forever, but seriously, I did them all so quickly, Mom and Grams will NEVER know how LITTLE time I put into these!

Except if my Mom reads this blog post. DON'T LOOK, MOM! :)
Hope you have a peaceful, happy Easter full of friends and family!

Peace, out!




I live in MN a suburb of the TC!!
I love all your cards and ideas and believe I receive your email
letter and somehow I found your blog.
Thanks for sharing all your great ideas..come visit me sometime...I "dabble" in card making and altered arts:)

Michele Kovack said...

Oh how stinking clever this is!!! Awesome idea! Have a wonderful Easter Lisa!

Marcy said...

What a great idea, Lisa! This would be perfect for so many different holidays and occasions - I'm thinkin' teacher appreciation week. Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! They are gonna love them!Chick....You are so talented. Have a wondeful Easter weekend.
Marie H

Diana said...

Thank you SO MUCH for showing us how to make these! These would be great for so many occasions.
And, good for you, you got a lot of Easter goodies made; here it is, Saturday, and I haven't even planned my kids' baskets yet...better get moving, I guess!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Ann said...

Super cute!

Heather Gates said...

Hey, love the new format of your page. Those Easter picks are so great. What a simple yet fabulous idea!

Debbi T said...

SUPER cute idea. You're just the QUEEN, baby!

Melissa Bove said...

Those are adorable Lisa! What a great way to dress up a plant or flower! Very sweet! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Debbie Olson said...

What a fabulous vintage look--pure sweetness!

Anonymous said...

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