Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Weekend!

Happy Saturday morning, girlies! I'm so happy the weekend is finally here. Not much stamping going on around my house these days; I started running on the treadmill after work again, so my days have been spent working out instead of stamping. I think I will appreciate this choice when swimsuit season rolls around again! LOL! Unfortunately sometimes this means I'll be neglecting my blog. But in my search for balance, I'm trying to be okay with this!

Since it's Valentine's day on Monday, I wanted to show you a couple more vintage Valentines, and some of my creations from some cool Papertrey sets by PineFeather Press. Check out the shape on this great old victorian
valentine! Isn't it great?

And the penguins! How freakin cute are they?

Last month I got 2 of Heather Nichol's stamp sets, called "Warm Happiness Too", and "Little Bitty Bird". Both of these sets adapt easily to Valentines cards! On this one I tried using Kraft paper in honor of Heather, however I will never have the knack she has with using it! I tried to stamp red hearts on kraft and then brighten it up with my red polka dots. I showered this card with hearts and buttons and glittered the hearts up. Hmph. Not sure if I love it or not, but the birdies seem to be enjoying themselves!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a Happy V-day on Monday!

Hugs! Lisa

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6 - Project Animal Hearts

These are my favorite cards from my most recent shelter batch. I used 2 of the dogs from Raisinboat's "Puppy Love" stamp set, and the heart from "Paws to Remember". These took a little more putzing, as I masked the heart off so that the dogs could be centered in the heart. I had fun doing them, so I really didn't mind the putziness so much.

I used up more old scraps of paper. I swear, I don't know how I ended up with this much paper! When I crank out multiple cards, I do the cards in stages - first I design the card in full. Then I pull out old scraps that match and add all the patterned paper backgrounds to the card. You'll notice I ran out of some of the paper, so I substituted green plaid, or brown polka dots. They are all the same, but a bit "different" because the patterned paper is different. Then I make all of the center images at once. Finally, I attach the main image to the cardstock and add the final embellishments.

I decided that since I dropped a batch of cards this week, I'd add valentines to the mix. I was careful not to stamp them with "valentines day" sentiments, so if they don't sell the cards in the next 2 weeks, they can be used for love cards anytime. So the center of the card just reads "I adore you".

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 5 - Project Animal Hearts

Sympathy card day - cat themed! This one was a stretch, but I did manage to use the goldfish/cat from Raisinboat's "Cattitude" stamp set to create sympathy cards. I thought it would be okay for a grieving pet owner to remember the good times too!

I also found this paw-themed EK Success punch at JoAnne Fabric for 40 percent off..I decided to splurge and grab it, because I know it will get used for shelter projects.

Using up old Crate paper, along with some more patterned paper from a block that was gifted to me. GIT R GONE! :)

Hugs, Lisa.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 4 - Project Animal Hearts

Okay, moving on from dawgs to cats. I did cat-themed thank-you cards, also. These 2 cats are from a Raisinboat stamp rental set called "Cattitude". Check out the cards you can make from this set....birthday, thank you, and I even managed sympathy from this set! Sympathy to follow tomorrow.

Another hint - the beautiful thing about renting stamps is that it forces you to get them all done in your rental month. I tend to stamp a bunch of the sentiments off on paper for future use, so that I can use them at a later time with other animal sets! It's an easy way to get extra value from your $5.99 stamp rental!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 3 - Project Animal Hearts

Aaack, Monday again! Well, I got a ton more animal cards done this weekend, so I'm cranking along here! Today I wanted to show you some of the animal sympathy cards I made for my shelter project. Animal sympathy cards are definitely the best sellers in my shelter basket. I believe it's because they are hard to find in a regular greeting card store anywhere! This is the little curled up dog stamp I was telling you about yesterday...he can be used for sympathy or 'sorry you're sick, or 'ruff day' cards. He's from Raisinboat's stamp set called "A Dog's Life"
These are super easy to color, so I can crank out a ton at once. The patterned paper is from a big block of scrapbooking paper that a friend gave me as a gift a MILLION years ago (USE IT UP!). The 3-d paw is a die-cut I found at Archivers - I cut a ton out of brown paper and added them as an embellishment. The sentiment is from a Raisinboat stamp set called "Paws to Remember".
More tomorrow!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2 - Project Animal Hearts

Good morning! Today is day (2) of showing you the samples I've been making for my "Project Animal Hearts" - making cards to benefit animal shelters and humane societies. My goal with these cards is not to reinvent the wheel or come up with a new technique, it is to create a large number of cute cards in a small amount of time. So I kept my layouts simple. I created a bunch of thank-you cards, meant to be given to an animal caretaker or know, the ones that let your dog out when you can't get home in time, or take your pet for the weekend when you're out of town?

These little barky yorkie cards were created with a stamp set from Raisinboat called "A dog's Life" - one of my favorite sets for making shelter cards with, because the other dog in the set (the one in bed) is PERFECT for pet sympathy cards. I'll show you sympathy samples tomorrow.

The patterned paper here is by Heidi Grace....I bought it at Michaels 2 weeks ago on CLEARANCE for .29 per sheet! I bought a ton of sheets because it was so cheap, and the opposite side of the paper is that green plaid, that mimics GRASS! QUICK! EASY! CHEAP!

The inside of the card has more "BARKING" and then a sentiment that says "THANK YOU, YOU'RE THE BEST".

I invite you to CASE any and/or ALL of my cards for this project - if you want to participate, please take whatever inspiration you need in any form. The goal here is to USE UP paper, create something from nothing and help raise money for shelter animals.

Tomorrow: Animal Sympathy

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Shelter Project - Need your help!

Good morning, everyone! I'm finally ready to start posting pictures of my latest stamping project. First, a little background for you. Last year I had to put my pet to sleep, and while I was waiting in the vet's office, I noticed a donation box in the lobby, asking for help to build an animal shelter in my hometown. Recently there's been many stories on the news about animal shelters across the nation closing down, due to lack of donations with the recession. A light bulb went off in my head; I had a room full of patterned paper, cardstock, and embellishments just waiting to be used. What better way to use stuff up than to make cards to encourage donations. So I started cranking out pet-themed birthday, sympathy, thank-you and "Congratulations on your new pet" cards. I put about 40 cards in a basket with some envelopes and a sign that read: "Greeting cards $3.00 - put donation in animal shelter donation box". A few weeks later, I got a call from the vet telling me that the cards were ALMOST GONE! I did the math in my head; $3.00 x 40 cards = $120 toward the shelter. So I made 40 more cards and I was off and running. I'm telling you this story, not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you to sort through your old patterned paper & grab some stamps...each of us can make a small difference in the world, by using our stamping & scrapbooking talents to help worthy causes. So. Every day this week I will be posting different animal-themed cards, in hopes of inspiring you to pull out your animal stamps and start making a difference. Ask your vet if you can put a basket on their counter and a donation's as simple as that. I have become bored with the few sets of animal stamps I own, so this month I rented a bunch of stamps from RAISINBOAT and started cranking out cards again! If you don't have animal stamps but would like to participate, I encourage you to go rent some from RAISINBOAT - get your stamping friends together and have a shelter party and crank some cards out. I will tell you this, you will feel good about doing it. And you will USE UP stuff from your CRAPFT supplies. So come with me on a little animal heart journey this week. More to follow! Hugs, Lisa.