Sunday, September 21, 2008

Haupt Antique Market - Annual Birthday Girls Trip!

I'm sorting through my photos today from our September 'Birthday Girls' field trip yesterday to the Haupt Antique Market in Rosemount, MN. This is junking at it's absolute finest! To celebrate my Mom, Aunt Jan's & Grammies birthday, we pick a new junk spot every year and pack up the van in search of treasures and junk!

This year we explored Rosemount, MN, which is a sweet little town on the outskirts of Eagan, MN. Going to Rosemount feels like taking a trip into the country, without the long drive! It's so close to the cities that it's easily accessable any time!

One weekend a month, Haupt's opens up to the public with more cool junk and a new fun theme; this month the theme was "Noir & Blanc", black & white. I was in awe of their displays of junk and their eye for cool ways to repurpose stuff. I wanted EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! Unfortunately, my house is pretty full to the brim, so I exercised restraint. BOO! So I'll be content today to show you guys all the goodies and ooh and ah over them on my blog instead. I will just tell you guys one thing...if you are in Minnesota or Wisconsin, it's so worth a trip over to Rosemount to wander through Haupt's. You will depart with inspiration galore!

Here are the birthday girls, ready to hit the ground running. Well, except for Grammie, who was content to hang out in the shade on a comfy chair and let the crazy junkers run around and do their thing!

OOOH THE JUNK! Seeing it just makes me excited all over again! Maybe I need to go back again today.

Cutest of all cute bikes EVER!

My cousin Jessie and Mom checked out the metal bird "junk". Apparently Jessie just isn't into the bird junk.

This is what bowlers have on their front steps at Halloween. I need to get me some of these. DID I MENTION I'M A BOWLER?!?!! HEH HEH.

My sister Gina and Auntie Jan were trying to be helpful here and organize me and my stamp room with this cool typefont drawer. They imagined me putting all my stamps in it & hanging it on the wall. I didn't have the heart to explain to them how many stamps I own and that this wouldn't even crack the surface of the piles. I also thought maybe a stamp intervention may ensue if they had a clue what's in my stamp room.

I WANTED THIS DESK IN THE WORST WAY! Only $38 bucks! But some of the drawers didn't open, and, well, I HAVE NO ROOM FOR IT! And more bowling pin-kins!


Check out the little plant on the's planted in an old sneaker!


Jessie coppin' a squat with Grammie.

See the cute little display of gourds and buckets? They were selling these cool metal stakes that you could pile gourds on or drill holes in buckets for plants. SO INGENIOUS!

Next post, we'll go INSIDE!


Julie said...

Such way cool stuff...I'm thinking Haupt's is worth the drive from western South Dakota!!!
Thanks for the pics.

Charmingdesigns said...

What fun goodies. pretty funny about the amount of stamps. somethings are best kept "in the closet" lol Laurie

Anonymous said...

COOL STUFF!!! I wanna go but it's a longgggg way from North Carolina.Can't wait to see what's inside.....

Kathi said...

Love your junkin posts!!! I would go crazy at a place like that!!! Oh My Gosh!!! I love old stuff like I see in the pics. I can't find places like this where I live..I have to settle for Ebay and it can't be half as fun! Just got me a primitive wooden silver ware tray that I'm going to hang as a shelf. Been looking at the wire baskets and they go for a fortune. Do you ever look at Mish Mash's blog? She finds all kinds of neat junk too.

Debbi said...

WOOO HOOO LZ!!! That looks like a lot of fun - Junk Heaven!!!!

KooKie said...

OMG...that wasn't even the half of it! Oh to go junkin' with the LZ family.
I so wish we had junk places like that here.
What a heavenly place!

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