Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sushi party bowl!

I just realized that on Saturday I promised to post another Sushi fishbowl shape, and then I didn't deliver! DANG!

SO! Sushi coming at you again, with another fishbowl shape... I really didn't get a good photo of this one, it seems super dark to me, but I was trying to pick up the glitter on the top and bottom of the fishbowl. This time I used my aqua painter to watercolor the water with sage shadow ink, and then colored in sushi and the crab with copic markers. Paper is by K & Company, Girlscout circles.

I made the bowl short and squat by attaching the stamp onto my acrylic block and stretching the bowl edges outward. Play with positioning your fishbowl different ways to make different shapes!

Copic colors: Carmine, Celadon Green, Sanguine, Cyanine Blue, Pale Olive, Warm Grey w2, light walnut.


Joy said...

Z, this is so cute!!!!! I love everything you are doing with Sushi!!!!

Bevie Pearl said...

Sushi looks fun.
I love the banner picture zappy.
Love love love it. :)

Lana said...

Okay I want to know all about the banner! I love SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather McNally said...

You are SO SMART - changing the shape of the fish bowl! Great card - great pic! LOVE the ribbons and the buttons on it!