Friday, July 13, 2007

More feathered friends!

I'm back!(I thought it would be wise not to post last night after I slurped down a cinnamon appletini at my sister's house!)
Here's more cards from the "Feathered Friends" retired stamp set from Stampin Up. I had done a bunch of cards using this set a while back when I felt like coloring one night. This paper by Daisy D's is one of my faves of the Boston Garden line. I think it's pretty versatile; you can use it for fall cards or summer cards, depending on what you pair it up with. Here I used Stampin Up Artichoke paper to pull out the greens in the paper.
I'll be heading out to Chicago next week to work in the Crafty Secrets booth for CHA, so tomorrow I'll have a sneak preview of a new stamp set that Crafty is introducing! Sandy has been working so hard to get all the fun new stamp sets finished, and I CANNOT wait to get my grubby little inky fingers on them!
One more thing....there's a tag going around right now to name 7 random things about yourself. My sweet friends Vicki Chrisman and Bev Girard (Tex) both tagged me! So you already know I'm a junker and antiquer, so hmmm, what else is sharable, knowing that my family reads my blog?!! (Kiddin, Mom)
1. I cannot cook to save my life. In fact, I've been told NEVER EVER to cook for anyone, EVER, by a trusted authority. I do ROCK at making one thing: ROADKILL. The fact that it's called ROADKILL should be enough to dissuade you from ever eating anything I make. You've been warned. :)
2. My cat hates my voice. When I talk on the phone he freaks out and attacks me. Now that I think of it, my family hates my voice too. My sister calls me a chihuahua on speed.
3. I am a breast cancer survivor of 13 years...was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer when I was 28. But on a brighter note, I got a great new pair of TA TA's! :) A Minneapolis news station filmed me throughout my whole treatment (chemo, radiation, stem-cell transplant), including my mastectomy surgery. If I find it on a pay-per-view internet site, I'll know it was one of you guys, so keep it to yourselves, ok? ;)
4. I have a tattoo, and own a pair of chaps, but dont' ride a motorcycle. The tattoo was for my 40th birthday. I figured what the hell, I'm 40, who do I have left to impress at this point? I did sell my "BORN to RIDE" stamp set last year though. I may be almost over my midlife crisis.
5. I've been to lots of cool places in my travels. Bali, Indonesia was the most incredible. I saw a witch doctor practicing healing on a patient. (No, he did not give me the new ta-tas)
6. My fave group is the Black Eyed Peas & Fergie. Gwen Stefani comes in 2nd.
7. Weight watchers makes a key lime pie dessert that's only 4 points. Wait, that's not a random fact. I just thought you guys would want to know that in general. It's KEY LIME PIE! YUM!
Ok, so now, I must tag 7 people. Instead, I'm tagging all of my readers out there that have blogs! TAG YOU'RE IT EVERYONE! IS THAT LEGAL? :)


HB said...

OMG, sitting in my jammies and dying of laugher at 12:45am! You, my friend, are THE funniest, adorable, intelligent, creative, loving person I know!
Oh, and your "feathered friends" ROCK!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Your Blogs are so FUN to read!!! Your cards are FANTASTIC!!! Gosh Darn-it GIRL, YOU'RE so TALENTED!

I'll be at CHA next week too--I'll stop by to say "hi" to you & Sandy at the CS booth. :0)


Anonymous said...

I so wish I lived close to you so I could hand with ya. I was absolutely rollin on the floor laughing reading your stuff this morning. The whole ta ta's thing just sent me roaring!!!

My mom is a breast cancer survivor of 18 years!!! I am so proud of her. She is my stampin buddy and couldn't imagine life without her.

Lisa, thanks so much for your blog. It really gets me going each day. Your talent is amazing and your humer is just the right amount of warped!!

You are a rock star, Sista!!

Juile from TX

chelemom said...

You are too funny...again! Missed ya Thursday...didn't have my giggles for the night! I can't wait to meet you!!!

Bevie Pearl said...

You should be writing a book...I love how entertaining it is to read what you say and to look at your art!

Otter said...

LZ I love how you just throw things together. Your coloring is fantastic!!! Cant wait until next month...then you can teach me!!

sentimentsbydenise said...

Lisa - your blog is one of my favorites! I love your creative style and I visit often. The paper you used on this latest set of cards is wonderful! Love Daisy D's!

I, too, am a BC survivor with a new set to brag about! Rock on, sister!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi. Just found you for the 1st time. Love your blog! Your cards are to die for!! What is a aquapainter?? Your dabber is sooo funny. Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Forgot to tell you that I LOVE your craft room, hummm looks alot like mine lol. Laurie

Flossie's Follies said...

These cards are fantastic. And thanks for sharing 7 facts about yourself, congratuations on 13 wonderful years and here is to another 50, 60, 70?

Beth said...

Very interesting facts. TFS.