Friday, June 6, 2008

Junk at lunch.

First off, I want to say THANK you to sweet friend Pam Hooten. I got a box of the most excellent vintage goodies from her this week! I'm like a kid in a candy shop today! She sent me some cool vintage millinery flowers and these awesome hat pins to use in my Crafty Secrets design work! Oh man, I'm dying over the goodies! I cannot WAIT to use them on some vintage creations soon! I put this baby card together last week with an image from Crafty's "Childhood" image & journal notes booklet, and I used Crafty's Baby Girl stamp set to stamp the booties & the sentiment.

I die-cut some sheet-music flowers with my Sizzix flower layered dies. I colored in the booties with a Buttercup Yellow Copic marker (Y21), which matched the yellow in the baby image pretty well. The booties are stamped on the journaling notebook paper that was attached to the baby image. On each page of the new Crafty Secret's booklets, you get a vintage image, and a journaling notebook paper that matches the image. This little girl in the hatbox is so sweet!

On another note, I had the BEST lunch hour today~! I was having a horrible day and decided to run to an estate sale in my neighborhood on my lunch hour. I was on my way to the bank and decided I needed to check out the sale instead. The sale was at the sweetest little house, and I scored big!
I spent $6.00 TOTAL on all of the goodies here! I got a vintage red lunch pail for .25, MINT condition, unopened photo corners for .10, sheet music and some vintage ladies craft booklets, 2 old photos (.25 each) and the MOST GORGEOUS, shiny, mother-of-pearl buttons! I was just telling my Mom to keep her eyes peeled for pearl buttons at garage sales! They were the MOST expensive part of this haul....$2.00 for the BAGGIE and $1.00 for the box! You'll be seeing them soon on Crafty Secrets projects! AND FINALLY, I think I figured out how to get vivid images on my new camera tonite...the photos are getting better, eh? Monica...marker colors seen and noted, girlfriend! I'll definitely start sharing Copic colors with you!

Happy Friday!



Lana said...

WOOHOO! Great finds LZ! Will you pack me a lunch now in that cool lunch pail? Make it low points please! LOL!

Stefanie Staniak said...

WOW! You really scored at the estate sale and the Piris, she sure is a sweetie, isn't she !! Love your card and can't wait to see what creations those buttons are going to adorn! :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky gal to receive such goodies from Piris! You really did hit the jackpot at your estate sale! You had a fantastic day!!! Love your cards too!

michelle in mi said...

What awesome goodies! You inspire me to hit the garage sales more often!

Anonymous said...

I will be looking forward to see what you create. I love the antiques and vintage stuff and have loads stored away without any idea how to display the pieces.

Bevie Pearl said...

Zapstar......boy are you having fun with your mail packages(isn't Piris the greatest?) and with your own estate sales.

MichelleY said...

Hi Zappie!

I LOVE your vintage creations. one can come close to your ability to make a shabby collage!!!

Hey, congrats on your great score at the estate sale. I LOVE that red lunch cool!

Pam said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the stuff LZ!

I would give 1/2 of my buttons Ü to go to an estate sale in your neighborhood, if those old victorian homes could talk.......I'm coming back one of these days I tell ya!!!

Love your cards, as always!