Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dirty Dozen Gallery - Chick Lit!

It's UP! It's UP! Two new fab dirty girls, Bev Rousch and Joanne Basile have been announced in the Dirty Dozen gallery this month over at Splitcoast stampers! Congrats to you both, sweet girlies! You will ROCK Splitcoast! If you don't subscribe to the Dirty Dozen Gallery and want to check out their blogs, you can find Bev Rousch HERE and Joanne Basile HERE!

This month's theme in the gallery is "Chick Lit", which has SO MANY interpretations to it! Did you guys know that if you subscribe to the Dirty Dozen gallery, you can play along with the monthly themes? It's called "fan club interactive", and you're able to upload your own creations once the theme is announced!

This is one of the projects I was going to post to the Dirty Dozen gallery this month, but it didn't quite make it in. I decided it didn't fit the theme enough, so I thought I'd post it here instead. When I was thinking literature, I thought of kids studying at school, and decided to do a little candy or snack- themed gift that you could give to a studious kid. I found this cute Autumn Leaves Owl image in the Archivers $1.99 spot, and then used some Studio G alphabet stamps to stamp 'whooo loves you' on the card.

Last month in the gallery I introduced a new box that I created with some cool candy boxes that were gifted to me from Lana Lepinski (Nashville Wraps Boxes). They are cute, shiny boxes that you'd put truffles or candy in to give as gifts! I decided to attach a little 'billboard' type piece of cardstock to the back of the box, to create a little standing 'billboard' for your sentiment & image. My inspiration for this was the little hang-style boxes that aspirin or chapstick comes in at the store. These are so easy; you can alter any box by just adding cardstock to the back of it with Killer Red Tacky Tape (red-line tape). I also cut the top out of the box and added a transparency window so you can see the candy inside. Strawberry Whoppers! YUM!

Have a great Saturday, all!



Summerthyme Studio said...

Lisa, these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are AMAZING~


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

great project!

Heather McNally said...

WOW! Waaaaaaaaaaaay cool! LZ - you blow my mind, girl!