Thursday, November 6, 2008

Duluth Crop for the Cure Photos

Oh man, I'm so behind I can see my butt in front of me tonite. I'm just FINALLY posting pictures of the Duluth Crop for the Cure that I taught at a few weeks ago! I know these photos are *SO* last month, but I really had an awesome time there and I wanted to show you guys what a cool setup Alane and the Duluth girls had. They raised over 10,000 for breast cancer research! CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP??? These are the powerhouse chickies behind the crop; from left to right are Kimberly, Alane & Julie, the sweetest, most genuine girls I've ever met. These girls worked their BEHINDS off for this event!

The crop was held at Marshall school, which overlooked Lake Superior with these gorgeous floor to ceiling windows! The space was bright and cheery, and it was a sea of pink decorated tables!

There were tons of silent auction items up for bid, such as this Ali Edwards canvas. It is the one pictured in her book titled, "Life Artist"! SO COOL!

Cool pink nesting suitcases up for bid!

Scrappers, hard at work in the gorgeous, bright light of a sunny Saturday!

Okay, I usually don't take photos of bathrooms, but this one was ALL TRICKED OUT IN PINK! LOOK AT THE PINK TULLE HERE!


Pink raffle tickets, which I stole. Not to win the raffle, of use on cards! DUH! Okay, I didn't steal them, I asked permission before I dived in. Thanks, Alane!

Heather Nichols (Pinefeather) of Papertrey/Pinefeather Press fame, teaching a class with her own stamp line! Look at these studious girlies, all dressed in pink!

Here's Heather showing how to put her envelope book together.
Pine's project was so festive & Christmassy! And we used Pinewhite ink and kraft paper, of course!

Thanks again Alane, for a wonderful weekend, and for all of your hard work for such a worthy cause!


Katie Skiff said...

Looks like fun!! I wish I was there!

Thanks for inspiring me...I've left you an award on my blog.

Stampindamour said...

Lisa--WOW!! What a fun CROP event and for a great cause! :0)


Debbi T said...

Cami would have ripped off everything in the bathroom, LZed.....LOL!!

Glad you had a good time! Miss you, sweets!!!!

Stefanie Staniak said...

What a great event and the $'s raised was outstanding. I'm sure that yours and Pine's contributions helped a lot. Miss you !! :)