Sunday, August 5, 2007

I am on a mission now.

So today was supposed to be my cleaning day. Ahem. What cleaning? I did a half hearted swipe across the rugs with a vacuum and called it good. So then I felt guilty because I was in my stamp room stamping all day, so I attempted to organize my paper stash in a last ditch effort to feel like I was productive. I am officially now on a mission. I'm taking my own challenge VERY seriously. LOOK AT ALL THIS XMAS PAPER I HAVE! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Does a person really need that much xmas paper?
This is all going to get transformed into birthday & thank you cards this week. I originally was just going to do a few posts using my Christmas paper challenge, but it feels so good to use this paper up, I'm going to stretch it into this week. Stay tuned, we're USIN' IT UP, GIRLS!
If you want to play along, here's the rules. 1. Go through your stash of Christmas patterned paper, and pick out the patterns that can be used on regular cards. Make as many Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You, WHATEVER theme you want, just use up your Christmas paper!
2. Post a link to your cards in my comments. I'll post your link so everyone can see your non-Christmas, Christmas paper cards!


Bevie Pearl said...

Okay.....I will play this game with you.

KardKrazy said...

What a great idea! Will have to give this a try. I know I'll never use all that Christmas paper before the new stuff comes out.

stampingranny said...

Great idea! Have to check my supplies. Deb

Jenny K said...

I should play along too. I know that when the time comes for me to crank out some Christmas cards, I'll go buy new. One thing I love about the papers you have out (which I also have) is that they don't necessarily look too Christmasy so they'll be perfect for all sorts of other cards

rozie640 said...

Stinking cute bee's, the colors and layouts are fabulous.