Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lana loves me best!

I had such a good mail day today! I love getting surprise packages in the mail...look what I got from Lana Lepinski! I LOVE LANA! Lana was watching me crank out card layouts at the retreat I was at a few weeks ago, and today she sent me this cute little envelope made from Cosmo Cricket Jitterbugg papers with pre-made card layouts for me to play with! YIPPIE! Look at the sparkly hollywood LZ letters on the envelope!

I love the ribbon she had tied around the envelope. Lana doesn't have much ribbon, so I know it must have been very hard for her to part with this cute pink and brown wide stuff.
Kidding. Lana has more ribbon than the phone book has names.

So since I was playing with the PaperTrey ladybugs last night, and the flowers from the set matched the Jitterbug paper PERFECTLY, I got to work adding main images to the cards. QUICK and EASY, I tell ya! Lana, you'll be getting a ladybug back in the mail soon. Talk about teamwork, right? So the other 2 cards I decided to make as friendship cards, and I'm going to pop them into the mail today to pay the love forward that Lana sent me today. How cool is this! I'm still so freaking happy about how fun my mail day was!

I swiped white craft ink across the cuttlebug embossing on the brown paper to pop out the detail of the embossing a little. The ladybug has brown glitter spots...I can't believe what a brown glitter kick I'm on right now. The little metal tag was purchased in a pack of 4 from the Target dollar spot on clearance for a quarter last year. Hey, I'm a thrifty girl. What can I say.
Here's a photo of the inside of the envelope/folder with the finished cards in them.
Thank you Lana, for making my day! Love ya sweet thang!


Heather McNally and Melissa MacDonald said...

WOW - GREAT mail day -and what a team you two make. TOTAL ROCK STARS!!!!! I love what you did with the cards. And those sparkly LZ letters - SO PERFECT FOR YOU!

Charmingdesigns said...

Love these cards!!!!I really nead to branch out and use more papers! I mentioned you on my blog today...I always look forward to the cards that you put on your blog! Laurie

Michele Kovack said...

You lucky gal! You did a great job with those always!

Dottie K. said...

Wow these are beautiful ladies. What a great idea! Love how you finished them off. Someone is going to be very happy to receive these in the mail. :)

Debbi T said...

SUPER cute.
Isn't Lana wonderful??!

Lana said...

P.S. Please note that the pocket folder idea came from MISHIE WOODERSON!! I just enlarged her idea. Check out her blog for other wonderful ideas! I'm sorry I forgot to mention that!

WOOHOOO ZAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm jumping up and down, up and down, up and down! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!

Dawn Easton said...

WOW! What a nice surprise. You did a fantastic job sprucing those cards up with your ladybugs!

Tara said...

wow!! I love all these cards!! I love the cosmos cricket paper...they have the best stuff!! :) just found your blog..I am linking it to your stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Zappy, I think you're absolutely right! Lana does love you the bestest! *sniff*sniff*

Oh well ... you're doing her proud, darlin'! Definitely proud, proud, proud!