Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Junkin Post and Ciao Bellas

Ok girlfriends, one last post and I'm off like a prom dress to the stamping retreat tomorrow.
I'm fresh out of xmas paper.... WHEW, YOU'RE GLAD, AREN'T YA! ADMIT IT! (I lied. I'm not out of xmas paper.) Pamela from Stampin D'Amour requested more junkin' pics, so I'll share my latest finds. 2 weeks ago my sister and I met my girlfriend Janine for a morning of garage sale-ing. I was one crabby camper because I didn't get to sleep in on my day off, and I was drugged up on Motrin trying to get rid of my neck and backache from my PILLOWTOP MATTRESS. Don't get me started on that one. So we hit the garage sales in my hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin. The first sale we hit was a sweet little old house with a million messy hollyhocks in the front yard. Very shabby. I immediately honed in on the botanical print above. $3.00! Framed and everything! I knew it would go perfectly in the REDRUM. The 2 old botanical prints above were .25 cents each. I will pull them out of the matting and frame them. Aren't they beautiful?

So while I'm ooohing and aaahing over the green cherry print, my sister starts digging through piles of fabric. I look over and GASP when I see what she has in her hands...the floral tulle to the right... YARDS AND YARDS OF IT. I start sending her the mental vibes in my head... PUT THE FABRIC DOWN, YOU DON'T WANT IT, PUT IT DOWN, WALK AWAY FROM IT. So she walks away from it, and I swoop in on it. $2.00! HOLY CRAP! What a selfish girl I am. But I got the goods. I NEEDED IT FOR THE REDRUM! Here's a photo of it hanging in my bedroom.

And finally, on my way to check out, I started digging through a pile of old kids library books. I pulled out this sweet little witchie halloween book. Free. The yard sale lady threw it in with my purchases for free because it was too early in the morning to think. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but my motto now is WWVCD. What would Vicki Chrisman do. So at some point, I'm going to venture into mixed media collage, and probably alter the inside of it with halloween party pictures and vintage stickers from Crafty Secrets. So many projects, so little time. Vic & Pamela, I'll be calling you up panicking when I start that one.

I love the illustrations in this book.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back next week!

Ciao Bellas!


Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Fun finds!! Our curtains are made of that very tulle. I love it! And I didn't believe you for one minute that you were out of Christmas paper. LOL! No stamper worth her salt runs out of designer paper. We always have at least one piece left, one that we just can't bear to part with!

HB said...

You are just what I needed tonight! LOVE your new curtains (and your ability to telepethize (sp?) to your sister to put it down!) You crack me UP!!

Connie Pruitt said...

I love garage sales, but at 103 degrees today, I won't be going. Love your prints you found. Have a great time!

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your red room!! I have a red wall in my office...love it. But the curtains...to die for! What a find! Cant wait to hear about your trip! Laurie

Melissa said...

Off like a prom dress?! Hahaha! Glad I didn't have a drink of coffee in my mouth when I read that!!! Congrats on the finds and thanks for the chuckle!

chelemom said...

I love seeing all your fab finds! I wish I had such luck! Have fun at your retreat....I'll be thinking of ya!

Beth said...

I love my yard sales too. When my sister and I went while I was visiting her in May, I did the same thing as you, holding my breath saying, "put it down, put it down." When I pointed out some silver flatware that I wanted to buy, to alter with beads, she bought them. The thing is, I really was meaning "look what I'm going to buy" but she thought she was missing a good thing. Darn it!

stampingranny said...

Wow you scored big! Love everything to found! Hope you had your tall Java to help you get going! LOL! Deb

Stampin' D'Amour said...

LOVE it!! LOVE your red Shabby bedroom!! Thanks for SHARING your JUNKIN' finds!! It's like taking us shopping with you! HA HA!!

Love that Vintage kid's book! LOVE it ALL!!

Can't wait to see what you made at your retreat!!

U r so SWEET to mention me in your BLOGGIE!! HUGS!!! :0)


Ila said...

Wow! you found some terrrific finds. I love your REDRUM!! the curtains look wonderful. Totally love your style!!

Chris Steller said...

I LOVE that book! My school's library has it! Very cute story!
They srue don't write them like they used to!