Sunday, December 9, 2007

The tree is up, the house is decorated!

YAY! I spent yesterday decorating my house for Christmas finally! It's absolutely the best when you can have the warm glow of Christmas lights throughout your house. Here is my tree all lit up at night. Remember those little round boxes? I found them junking this summer at my neighbor's house. I've been waiting patiently to put them under my tree! YIPPIE! If you follow my blog, you've seen me post photos of my junkin finds. Sometimes I don't know what I'm going to do with stuff I've bought until the inspiration hits me. Here's a smattering of photos showing you what I've done with some of my finds.

This cupboard was given to me by my parents for Christmas a few months ago. We were junking in Buffalo MN and I fell in love with this skinny little cupboard. It's made from weathered barnwood. It didn't need much to make it festive...some fake greenery & a few pepperberries dress it up. Sweet blogger friend Chelemom sent me the cute little decorated vintage postcard. THANKS CHELE!

I loved these shiny bright Christmas ornament boxes that I got from my Grammie. I decided this year they should be part of my decor. This is the top of my built-in buffet cupboard in my dining room.

This little swedish doll was .10 cents at a garage sale by my cabin. She's coppin' a squat on some round faux gifts (hatboxes) that I found at my neighbor's garage sale. My neighbor is a photographer, and they used to be photography props in her studio.

Every year I put bowls of shiny ornaments around my house. They catch the light and shimmer so prettily!

I'm not sure what these little star/snowflake metal things are...I'm assuming they must have gone over vintage christmas lights. They are very tin-like. I scored a bag of them for .50 at a garage sale.

Remember all of these .25 cent muffin tins? Since I have no use for them in the kitchen, I'm displaying ornaments in them. These were gifted to me from my Grammie.

Here is what my tree looks like in the daylight. Just a hint, if you're photographing your Christmas tree, set your digital camera on the "night" setting. It will give a warm glow to your photos and captures the soft glow of the Christmas lights. This photo and the top photo were taken at the same time...this photo is taken without the "night" setting on, and the one at the top has it on.

16 days left until Christmas!


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

so pretty!

Bevie Pearl said...

Zapstar.....Your decorating is just perfect!!
I wanna come and have a cup of coffee and sit and look at your tree.

Anonymous said...

How warm and inviting I love the name of your blog!

Bev Gerard said...

Whoaaaaaaaa! Zappy, this is fabulous ... just fabulous! Honestly, a couple of your ornaments remind me of some that my mom had when I was a wee girl! I love that cupboard with the little sprinkling of faux evergreen! Well .. actually I just love it all ... WELL DONE!!


Teresa said...

everything looks beautiful! I will use alot of these ideas next yr. we are not having x-mas these yr but your house makes me want to go pull out my stuff

DeniseLynn said...

Oh how lovely!!! We just put up our tree yesterday too. I was saying "Finally" as we dragged out all the lights. I LOVE the little glowing lights ... like you said, it makes the house look so pretty. We have 2 large fireplaces and I was all proud of myself because I actually had those all dressed up on Dec 1. But now with the tree up; it's so much better. I adore what you did on top of your buffet!!! Galss ball ornaments are sooooooo gorgeous and I am green with envy when I see ALL yours. Gee I need to go junkin with YOU. *wink*

Leslie Knox said...

Your decorations are beautiful! I love the stamp space too!! It looks so welcoming!!

CreativeMish said...

Everything is very purdy and cozy

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Adorable cozy!!!!

Pam said...

Ohhhh, just beautiful LZ! I want to come and see the crack house all decorated for Christmas, I bet it's beautiful from the look of your pic's!

HOLY COW, do you ever have the Christmas balls! You lucky thang you!

Sherry Cheever said...

OMG Lisa! I love all the antiques you have and look at those old ornaments. I have a number myself that hold high honor on a special tree and wreath. They were my grandparents and my dads ornaments. Girl I love these pics -- you decorate with stuff that I love and have! Wowzers! and that cupboard - WHOA!