Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm a slacker blogger! I had my drawing class tonite and am just now trying to post! It seems that blogger's photo software is down for the moment, so its a yakkity yakky post tonite, no pics!
Dang and I had it all ready to go, just no photo uploaded! My timing is baaaaad!

Ok, so lets play tag then tonite. MISS THANG PARIS O'TREMBA tagged my sorry butt tonite!
She posted me on her blog as 'it'! So this means I must pick 5 bloggers and tag them tonite, so you can go check out their stuff!

Here's my picks, I tried to avoid those that have already been tagged!

1. Chelemom - She's a sweetie-pie and has some great baby cards on her blog right now!

2. Bethany Paul - She's left some very sweet comments in my SCS gallery. She's got some
faboo creations!

3. Mishie Wooderson. Nuff Said. Holy moly, girl can stamp!

4. Jenn Balcer - always GASP worthy creations!

5. Valerie Stangle~ THE LEGEND

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