Friday, April 27, 2007

Crate Striper

I'm a sucker for anything striped or polka-dotted. It just seems that those patterns are so easy for me to work with! On this card I used Crate "Striper" paper, from the Seaweed Collection, combined with a polka dot from another paper company. (It was a scrap of paper from my scrap bin.)

The stamp set is "Sassy Stems" by Stampin Up. I have a tip for the bloggers or people sending cards in for publication: when you cut your patterned paper up, don't cut the company logo strip off the paper that shows the pattern name... start cutting from the other end. This way you'll be able to refer back to the paper and know who made it.

(I believe I got that tip off the Papercrafts website or another
person's blog!) Anyway, it works really well. Well, MOST of
the time. Except for that little scrap of polka dot paper that
I don't know the name of. Happy Friday!


chelemom said...

You always have such pretty cards! Love the "water" in the vase!

DeniseLynn said...

I was going to e-mail you but didn't see your address listed on the blog so I'll comment here instead. I just want to say that I am thrilled to have found your blog. Your designs are fabulous! I love shabby chic and your stuff is so fresh and fun. Yea!!! Thanks for inspiring me with color and design and so many yummy things!

Cindy Lyles said...

OmG LZ this soooo ROCKS - love how you can pull color & pattern together - it's a gift that you definitely GOT babybeeee!!!!! Lovin that vase too!!!!!

Bethany Paull said...

This is so pretty! I love the green and brown. And, I too, am such a sucker for stripes and polka dots. Love this!