Friday, April 13, 2007


I ran to Archivers tonite and scored new paper by K & Co! I was on my way to Dick Blick to pick up my materials for a drawing class I'm going to be taking for the next 8 weeks, starting next Wednesday.

This paper is by K & Co & is called "K Bailey Pink & Blue Paisley. It's really hard to see in my photos but it has a gorgeous light blue background to it! I dug out my old "Touch of Nature" stamp set.... since the paper has so many earth tones to it, it seemed to be the right fit!
Look at the stamps to the left of the card. These are 2 stamps I CANNOT do without. They're by Hero Arts: square distressed background and aged background block. If you're like me & have problems with trying to 'fill' white background space on your stamped images, these are perfect for you. Stamp them in a super light color to match your card, and stamp your image over it. You can mask your image first, or just fill in bright color over the top of the image, lazy-girl style.


chelemom said...

How in tarnation do you just whip a card like this together? I swear I sit for hours contemplating, moving, retaping, redoing......starting over cards! If you get a chance take a peek at my blog : )

HB said...

LZ, once again you've knocked me right off my chair!! Of all my favorite things about you (and there are many!!) one of the top is your ability to put patterns together so that they just flow... that's it! Your creations have flow!!

Valerie Stangle said...

LOL - Lazy Girl Style - apt description of me! LOVE this card and what you do with Touch of Nature!

p.s. MOM Loved her card!

Allison said...

I quite like this...the stamp colors and your DP are quite the match!