Sunday, April 22, 2007

May Baskets!

Can you believe how fast April has flown by? It will be May in a little over a week! I decided it would be fun to make some May baskets with the vintage paper from the Crafty Secrets paper pads & their vintage 'cuts". You can get2 cones from one sheet of paper; just cut it in half! And because the paper is double sided, the inside of the cone is just as pretty as the outside.

I rolled them into a cone shape (just like you did when you were a kid) and then stapled the top part of the cone together. I then ripped a coordinating piece of paper and wrapped it around the middle to form a band, and added some sweet white silky ribbon.

The vintage cuts are so easy, all you do is cut them out and mat them with Stampin up cardstock! These 2 images are from the Heartwarming Vintage Cuts "Love and Romance" card. I love that these cuts are SO cheap! $1.75 for a whole sheet of them! On some of them you can get over 14 cards off of the sheet of images!

Anna Wight has them at her Ebay Store; click the link on the right to see the different themes of cuts she carries.


HB said...

LZ, these are ADORABLE! I so love the way you create!

Juliehrr said...

Oh, Zap-girl!!! These are just BEAUTIFUL, YUMMY treasures to behold!!! BTW, I'm trying to update my blogroll and want to add yours on? If you have any objections to this, will you let me know? Thank you for sharing this gaaaaaw-jus eye candy, babe! I had a few secs to blog hop and just had to peek in today! Smooches, Jules

Valerie Stangle said...

How FABULOUS are these! LOVE them!

chelemom said...

I've always wanted to make one of these and haven't....they are so pretty!