Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tiers of Treats

I had to post this fun cupcake card...I was at a "girls night out" event tonite and they had bath fizzies shaped like cupcakes & chocolate candies! They looked so yummy it would be a shame to put them in your tub and watch them dissolve!

It was a fun event; they served melon cosmopolitans and there was shopping galore. Mostly hip, funky fashions and jewelry by local New York artists.

One booth had necklaces made from chandelier crystals! And of course there were the famous NY purses, but without the knock-off labels. If you want a peek, here's the link:

More importantly, the treat stamp is by Stampendous from Eclectic Paperie...go check out all the new dessert stamps they have! I know I'll be getting that bundt cake! The floral paper is SEI.

Have a sweet night, everyone!


Cindy Lyles said...

This is FABULOUS Zapster!!!! Golly you are gonna make me get that stamp - LOVE IT!! Evening sounds like it was a BLAST - shopping, drinks - YIPPIEEEEE!!!!!

Valerie Stangle said...


beate said...

Oh....this is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Hugs

chelemom said...

I have admired this stamp for is so cute! I can't buy another thing! I am going to be in the poor house!!

snowmom13 said...

YUMMY card!
This looks good enough to eat. I love it that when I click on your pics the picture comes up bigger than life- I can really look at all the details that way. :0)

Joy said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!!!!!

I love love love this LZ! You are killin' me with these stamps. You're gonna make me buy everything.

What a blast it sounds like you had!

Can't wait till our SEI paper comes in! Woohoo!