Tuesday, June 26, 2007

B - 9! BINGO!

I made this about a month ago and forgot about it. I had meant to submit it for publication but it sounds like a lot of work to write up instructions, so I'm just gonna post it here! I was estate sale-ing a while back and got the great little bingo game set below for a dollar. It hit me. THE BINGO CARDS ARE CARDBOARD & CAN BE ATTACHED TO THE FRONT & BACK OF AN ACCORDIAN BOOK! I had a huge artist's watercolor paper pad from my drawing class so I cut a piece of the paper to fit the bingo cards and folded it into an accordian. All of the game images (Parcheesi, playing cards, chess) are from Crafty Secret's "Wacky and Wonderful" booklet.

The gingham papers are from Crafty's "Earthy" paper pads. I cut up some of the paper bingo cards and scattered them throughout the accordian book. I left little squares so that you could insert your family game night photos into the book. The small scrabble tiles are from Paper Bliss (Michaels).

So there you have it. The quick and dirty version of my instructions. Clear as mud, right?


chelemom said...

How cool is this? Loving this! I know what ya mean about instructions....not that I have ever been published...but I am trying!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Gosh-a-roonie!! This is so DARN CUTE!!! :0)

I love the constant banner changes too--it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Bevie Pearl said...

BINGO!!!!!!!!!! I win...I win cuz I get to see your blog and absolutely squeel with delight at all the creative ideas you share!!

Viv said...

How adorable! You are so clever, Lisa! This is great!

Beth said...

Wow, this creation so rocks!! What do you mean too much work to draw up instructions? Can I encourage you to try because it will definately get published!

Tex said...


That's my jaw hitting the table! You just amaze me, Missy!