Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sunday's Peonies

Just a few photos from Sunday that I wanted to show you guys. I have a soft spot for chintz teapots and teacups, even though I rarely drink tea or have people over for tea parties. There's something so romantic and comforting about them. We had brunch on Sunday for my parent's anniversary, so we cut the peonies from our back yard that were on their last leg. Because we were sitting out on the front porch (UGH DON'T MAKE ME LOOK AT THOSE SPINDLES ANYMORE!), I wanted a shorter arrangement so we could see each other over the top of the flowers. It dawned on me that my teapots are SUPER short, and if I cut the stems way down, it would be a fun arrangement. Here's a pic for you to enjoy. They were gorgeous, and we had a beautiful (although hot) day!
Ok, the other thing I wanted to post was this post-it notepad I found at Michael's for .50. Ok, I don't "LOVE" what I did with it, but I wanted to show you anyway, because it was such a GREAT deal. They came on a cardstock sheet, which I folded over to make a double note pad. I covered it with vintage harlequin paper from Crafty Secret's "Classic" paper pad. The image is from the "Wacky and Wonderful" Booklet (my fave) s, and the stamps are from the "Kewpies" and "Cherubs" sets.

Here's a closeup so you can see the little notewriter at her desk!


chelemom said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I so wish I could come visit you and see your house! I love all that vintage stuff! All your creations make me feel nostalgic! Thank you so much for your kind...and very funny...comments!!!

Tex said...

Oooooooh myyyyyy goodness!
Those peonies! The teapot and fabric!! I soooo love this, Zapster! Look at the depth of color in your peonies!! Divine!

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

The peonies are gorgeous in your teapot! The perfect centerpiece for a brunch!

Viv said...

Your peonies are beautiful and I bet the smell is just as beautiful! They look gorgeous in your teapot! Perfect!

Beth said...

I love peonies too. Mine a baby pink. I love your bright pink ones. They look perfect in your teapot!