Friday, June 22, 2007

Coffee Talk

CONGRATS to Susan in Wylie TX for winning the Crafty Secrets blog candy!

As soon as I found this little frame at the Target dollar spot, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. The Crafty Secrets "Coffee & Tea" set chickie's mug shots just HAD to be on there! It just screams 50's diner to me!

I stamped the girls with Ranger black ink, and colored in their clothing with Stampin up markers. The stripes on their clothing are easy to color in with plain old marker; no aquapen required! The rick-rack is vintage. DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS MY OFFICIAL FAVORITE SET NOW!

I also wanted to show you this GREAT coffee idea from the Picket Fence Gal's sale. They took coffee cups, drilled a hole in them and put them on a metal rod. You can put birdseed in them and put them in your garden for the sweet little birdies to eat out of! HOW CUTE IS THAT? THEY SIT ON THE EDGE OF THE TEACUP!

I bet if you guys have husbands with 'skillz', they can probably make these for you with old cracked, chipped teacups or coffee cups! If you have them make one for you, PLEASE email me photos so I can post it here!

(I need to find a husband with skillz!) Hmm, it might just be cheaper to buy one of these from the Picket Fence girls, no?


Have a great weekend, everyone!


chelemom said...

Congrats to the winner...."sniff, sniff...tear rolling down my cheek.." Hey! loving those tea cups on the rods....and do you now when those new sets are supposed to be shipped...I ordered the coffee one like 2 months ago and still haven't gotten them! Have a great weekend!

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

Ok, now you have offically posted the most wonderful idea for a bird feeder I've ever seen! You're just full of useful tips and ideas! Now I need to go garage saleing (is that a word?) to find some cool cups and saucers! Congrats to the winner, enjoy your goodies!

Julie Campbell said...

What an awesome idea for a bird feeder! My husband has skills.... Hmmm..... :) I'm jealous of the chick who won the blog candy! LOL! I love the frame, BTW! It's perfect!

paperfrenzy said...

Lisa, these bird feeders are to DIE for!!! What a charming idea!!! TFS! Wish I lived near you, so you could show me the "junking" ropes! LOL!!!

BTW, I love your work, too! I've been following your blog since eP announced you as an eP Friend! (Don'tcha just LOOOOOVE lurking stalkers?!? LOL!!!)



Melanie aka Batgirl said...

wow love the tea cup idea! I always make things for my freinds for Christmas!! this is going on the list!

Tex said...

Oooooooooooooooooooh MY GOSH!

Where is DH when I need to show him something! These are stinkin' adorable! Heeeeeeerrrre Birdie Birdies!!!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

WOW!! I love how your change your Banner like EVERYDAY!! SO PRETTY! and SO SHABBY!!! ;-)

You have AWESOME JUNKIN' stuff in your area---looks like beautiful findings they show in those Country Cottage or Home Companion mags!


Bevie Pearl said...

Man oh man...........I would love to be a bird at your sugar shack.
And that stamp set is like on my list to get........asap. Thanks for enabling me to see the light!!of needing more rubber!!

Rodrigo said...

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Bethany Paull said...

I thought you were going to say they make great citronella candle holders, but the bird feeders are even cuter.