Friday, June 1, 2007

Road trip~!

I was digging in the clearance bins at Michael's again. (Hanging head in shame). But this little fold-up magnetic travel board game was only fifty cents!

Tonite I got putzy and created a little carrying purse for you guys remember doing vacation road trips as a kid? Did you ever draw a line down the middle of the seat so your sister couldn't invade your space?
Remember piling into the car for the family vacation, carrying your bag of toys to keep you busy and out of Mom & Dad's hair? I turned this into a purse-type box by adding a little carrying handle. This one has 3 games in one, checkers, chess and parcheesi. I took a piece of cardboard, scored it into a box to fit the game size, and then covered it with a vintage map (I knew I NEEDED that .75 cent vintage road atlas that I bought last year in a thrift store!).

The "road trip" image is off of the "Adventures and Travel" Vintage cuts from Crafty Secrets. The blue paper and the checked paper are from the "Radiant Paper pack", the postmark is from the "French Mail" stamp set and the arrow and the clip sticker are from the "Office Altered" sticker sheet from Crafty Secrets. I'm still not a collage girl but I'm getting better at it! :)


chelemom said...

This was such a creative idea! You are full of em I tell ya!

Viv said...

How cute! You are so creative! I love the map idea!

snowmom13 said...

What a cool idea! How do you come up with all these ideas? (turning green here! LOL!)
Have a good weekend!

HB said...

How do you do it? How do you continue to find those creative pockets in your head? I am in awe! In AWE I tell ya! Love Ya!!!