Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flounced edges.

Ok, now for the flounced edges.
These are even easier than the rosettes!
Spray glimmer mist (Tattered Angels) on your crepe paper, then run a heat gun over the top of the crepe paper. Dries VERY quickly and no worries about wrinkling! It's CREPE paper, it's SUPPOSED to be wrinkly! YAY! Friend Carol Halvorson had a GREAT idea about how to "glimmer mist". Take a BOX and put your paper inside the box and SPRAY AWAY! No need to worry about ending up with a glimmery carpet or desk by using this technique. :) Anyway, get your crepe paper shimmered up & dried, then run a line of hermafix or adhesive along the back edge of your paper.

Starting at the edge, stick the crepe paper onto the adhesive, crimping it as you go. Run it along the entire edge of the paper.

DONE! Add it to your focal images or on your background for card layouts. Reminds me of a dust ruffle on a bed.

Here I've used it like ribbon, to separate the 2 patterned papers I used on this card.

These images are actually Crafty Secrets "Halloween Treats" STICKERS. I turned them into main images by using my aged background blocks from Hero Arts. If you have the Stampin' Up "Sanded" background, you can get the same effect. The stamped elements are a sneak peek from a new set that Crafty is coming out with soon. The black swirl is from the "Cherubs" stamp set. I just got black brilliance ink from Archivers and I am in love with how much the black pops on patterned paper. I guess I just love a fresh new ink pad in general!


Bevie Pearl said...

Zapstar.....I love it when you stamp. your blog is an inspiration to me each and every post you make.

HB said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are so dang GOOD! I LOVE what you are doing with the crepe paper! OMG I am coming over for a lesson.

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Thanks for sharing your crepe paper knowledge with us! Your cards are just too cute and I love the shimmer on the orange. I've seen more and more rosettes and ruffles online and I love the vintage look. My question is, does it matter if the crepe paper is vintage or not? I don't even know if I could tell vintage from non-vintage!

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

P.S. Maybe you tell if crepe paper is vintage by its taste? Lick it, I dare you! LOL! Eww! My sisters and I used to dare each other every birthday when we were kids. :D And then there's my cat, who LOVES the taste. Weirdo.

Mary Leeson said...

Love this look! TFS!! Your artwork is wonderful. Bless~

Sandra Smart said...

I really love your work and check your blog daily for inspiration. Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping your blog updated! The cards are just beautiful.

Charmingdesigns said...

Love these cards!!! Ive gotta try that crepe paper! Laurie said...

The ruffles just are the crowning glory of a piece, and really set it off. Thanks for the tips

Elaine said...

I love your tutes, Lisa!! These are so cute and very inspiring! Why, I even set foot into my black hole stamping room and came up for air with a roll or three of tissue paper streamers!!! ---Hmmm, only thing missing now is the glimmer mist!! Darn- tomorrow is Friday and I'm already broke or I'd order it overnight!

Thank you so much for all of your great cards!! You are talented far beyond the average stamper and we love you!!!

QC said... never cease to amaze me girlfriend!

I'm lovin' your Crafty work!

Tex said...

You see this?!
This is just more valid proof of how perfectly you match with the design needs of Crafty Secrets!! Wow!


Laurence said...

It's very very beautiful!!!!I do not understand everything that is written but I really love your work!!!!