Friday, September 28, 2007

Pumpkin show

Little pumpkins, all in a row, putting on a pumpkin show! I'm sorry I keep posting these Crafty Secrets Vintage Halloween cuts. I know there's really no stamping or skill involved but I just love the look of them with glitter! Crafty Secrets puts such fun, playful sayings on them, they are irresistible to me. I'm begging Sandy to do a Halloween stamp set for next year. This is actually a double post it note holder that I bought at Michaels for .50 on clearance a while ago. I just added some Crafty Secrets paper and ribbon, and stamped it with my fave. Cherub swirl. I need to score some more of them so my Mom can give them to her bridge club for Halloween.

Here's the inside of the holder. I may have to make a stop at Michael's and see if they have any left tonite. I'm heading out the door to go to a girlfriend's house for a bonfire and drinks, and then tomorrow I'll head up to the lake to do some junking. Junk season is almost over, I'm trying to get it out of my system before winter comes to MN and we're cooped up inside! I'll bring my camera just in case there's any exciting junk to post. Have a junky weekend, everyone! :)


Charmingdesigns said...

I lived in St.Cloud MN for a year Brrr. Love what you did! Have a good time! Laurie

chelemom said...

Have a great weekend...never get tired of those cute images!

Juls said...

No skill?? I have that same pumpkin image printed and ready for a card. No skill?? I can't believe you said no skill!! HMPH!! hahaha

QC said...

They're the CUTEST evah!!

*Gotta find some CS paper here in Canadia......*