Monday, March 17, 2008

Aloha, Sunshine!

I love traveling with my sister Gina. She always comes prepared for the flight with snacks and travel size goodies packed in her carry-on. I, on the other hand, forget just about every essential item and am always borrowing everything from her. I thought it would be fun to make a little travel pack gift for a friend or honeymooning-couple with the hula Sophie, being released this week at Hanna Stamps! This little gift set began with a package of tropical trail mix from my favorite store...ahem... Dollar Tree.

I decided to do a matchbook-type trail mix goodie bag with a larger bag of trail mix. The concept is the same as the small matchbook treat bags, only on a large scale. I started with 12 x 12 paper, which wasn't large enough, length-wise. So I sewed on an extension to the end of the 12 x 6 paper sheet, to make it longer.

I eyeballed it so that the paper fit around the bag of trail mix. Since every bag is a different size, you'll have to do some measuring on your own to achieve this same effect.

I stapled the trail mix inside of the packaging as so. Because the paper was flimsy, I added a piece of cardboard to the reverse side of this pouch, and then covered it with the red Kaleidoscope patterned paper, to cover up the cardboard.

The goodie bag opens up from the front, like an upside down match-book. The stapled part of the bag is at the top. I also found these fun little Hawaiian punch to-go sugar free drink mixes at Dollar Tree. Since you can't take liquids through security, you have to buy bottled water from the gift shop or get it on the plane. So once you're on your way, mix up a little Hawaiian punch and get the party started!

Sophie has a real-life 3-d grass skirt on! Well, miniature, of course. I took white crepe paper, covered it in mistletoe colored glimmer mist, and then glued a little skirt onto her body. I took a scissors and cut slits in it for the grass. I drew the little sun border by hand. I'm sure you couldn't drawing skills are...well.... limited. The Hawaiian-looking flowers are on sale from Eclectic Paperie, and are called Prima Pop-ups, Flower 1.

I had these beach patterned tissues in my papercrafting stash...I had gotten them on clearance at Michael's ages ago. They fit perfectly with the theme and colors here! I just cut a piece of cardstock for a belly-band, and attached Sophie to the front.

Wouldn't this be cute for a girls trip, to give to each of your friends? (Trail mix $1.00, Tissues $1.00, Hawaiian Punch, $1.00 for 9 packets) Or how about a couple going on their honeymoon? Although I don't advocate giving someone gifts who is already going on vacation. Unless they're taking you with them, of course. (Insert jealous face here).


chelemom said...

You totally ROCK Lisa! This is awesome!!!! I love the little Hawaiian skirt!!! too cute!

Lyrical Stamper said...

I'm the same way at the Mom's groups, always forgetting snacks, extra clothes, ugh.
I love what you did with these adorable Sophies. I'm completely inspired.
Aloha on this St. Patty's Day!
-Mary Lou

Amber Porter said...

This is an awesome gift set! Love it! That is too cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute is this! You are so creative. I MUST have this Riley, as I'm a LOST fantatic and this will be perfect for my LOSTie sisters!

happiness blooms said...

aaaaaaaack! You and your creative genius BLOW ME AWAY!!!! This set is so stinkin CUTE!

Beth said...

so Adorable!!!

MWIT said...

What a cute tropical gift package. Yes, I think it's perfect for airplane travel! Your handmade grass skirt is just darling. :)

Heather said...

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love this ensemble! I love that sunshine border you drew! LOOOOOOOOOVE!

Juanita B said...

Very, very cute and cheerful! There is nothing like an unexpected gift with goodies in it.
This is a genius idea and so reasonable. You're GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!