Thursday, March 6, 2008

The luggage is IN the building!

YAY!YAY!YAY! My luggage has returned and I am one happy chick! Except someone filled it with dirty clothes that I now have to wash. Dang, I was hoping that the airport would have taken care of that for me. NOSUCHLUCK! :)

I am doing the multi-task cleaning thing tonite (sorry for saying the "C" word), because I can't stand my pigsty of a house any more. Thankfully I have cards from a month ago in my blog file that I have not gotten around to posting! I found the cutest little birthday cake stamp by "Studio G" at Crafts Direct in St. Cloud, for $1.49! I think it actually is a wedding cake but I cut the 2 little love birdies off the top and replaced it with hearts and jewels.

I had just gotten my Eclectic Paperie order in that weekend, and ripped into my Cosmo Cricket Little Girls Biography Collection paper. I love these paper packs because they come with lots of little embellishments and journaling papers. I used the journaling papers for my focal images and stamped the cake right over the notebook paper lines. I cranked out the birthday cards that weekend with my Copics & my buck stamps!!


Bethany Paull said...

Woe Chick! I love these. You always have the greatest colors in your cards.

Michele Kovack said...

YEA! The luggage is back!!! Remember what "Hannah" says, "A clean house is a sign of a lazy stamper!" LOL! Cute cards Lisa!

Stefanie Staniak said...

Oh LZ these are wonderful. Love the colors and you are right, that paper is delicious !!

Juanita B said...

I am happy your luggage found you!
I love the cards, you used great paper and colors, and your coloring is fabulous. Genius thinking removing the birds from the cake. Have a GREAT weekend and TFS.

Heather McNally and Melissa MacDonald said...

Oh - girl - these are sweeeeeeet in every possible way! :)