Thursday, March 29, 2007


I was going to save this for Father's day but it matches my banner, so I'm POSTIN' IT!

You guys are going to get so sick of vintage, but I'm so digging all these images!

I gotta tell you, I've been an antiquer (is that a word? If it is, I know it's spelled wrong) for years, and always have purchased old victorian postcards in hopes that I'd be able to make cards with them. I think that's why I'm loving these images from crafty secrets, they are already reduced down to a good size for cardmaking.

Plus you can find cool paper to match them. Daisy D's and cosmo cricket have these great western-looking papers out right now. This stripe is Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe 'flagstaff'. I couldn't believe how well it matched these fishing guys!
You gotta look close but there is twine for the fish line, and I also poked holes in the black cardstock and made x's across it with the same black twine. I used the tiny hole punch that you use for brads, so my needle doesn't wrinkle the paper. The water is colored in with a clear Sakura gellyroll glitter pen.
Makes me wanna head up to the cabin. One week until we open it up! YAHOO!


Paper Iris said...

Oh, I could nevah get sick of your vintage stuff LZ, I love seeing what you are up to next!!!

HB said...

You are THE vintage girl!! This card is over-the-TOP!!!

snowmom13 said...

This card is so cool!
I have such a hard time making "manly" cards.
Anette (snowmom13)