Thursday, March 1, 2007

Let it snow! But please don't let my flight be cancelled tomorrow!

Ask me what kind of a day I had today, being a travel agent, in MN, in the middle of a snowstorm that stretches out through most of the midwest and east coast? They've cancelled over 400 flights this week, and I have 300 travelers including myself trying to get to Louisville KY for meetings on Saturday. Ask me how crabby I am?! &$*#(*$$!

I made it home alive, slippin' and slidin' down I94. Can you believe they've shut down portions of HWY 35 & 90? SHUT EM DOWN! I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE! So I get home and I finally had some good stuff happen to me today. I had some freakin awesome eye candy waiting for me in the mail from 3 WONDERFUL people that I know; Piris, Lanawho and HB. Girlfriends, please know that you were the only bright spot in my day today. My eyes popped out and I swear I made that AAAAAAAAYOOOOOOOOOGA sound like they do in the cartoons when I got your cards. I soooo needed that today!

My girlfriend Janine did finally make me laugh when she called tonite & offered to set me up with yet ANOTHER one of her single guy pals she knows. She always comes up with some 'great' catches...last year she wanted to set me up with a guy that was 'visually impaired', and couldn't see very well. The catch of today, is a guy that has memory problems and forgets what he's saying sometimes. BEAN, THANKS BUT NO THANKS. YOU ARE A FREAK. ;)

Speaking of memory problems......there was a point to the rambling. I will be adding one more post tomorrow before I leave for Louisville, and then will be missing until Tuesday.
I've added feedblitz to my blog, so if you'd like to subscribe to my blog, fill out the feedblitz link to the right, and updates will be e-mailed to your inbox when I'm back in town & bloggin' again.
Happy shoveling, Minnesconsin!


Allison said...

This card is lovely...TFS!

Heather said...

Fun, cute card! And look at all that SNOW!!!! We haven't had anything in MA and I am bummed!