Sunday, March 11, 2007

I finished the taxes! YIPPEE!

So it's pretty bad when you procrastinate doing taxes with *CLEANING*, which I did for 2 hours yesterday. Holy moly. Procrastinating one bad job with another bad job? I'm not right.
I pulled out my vacuum cleaner and there was a puff of cat hair and dust that came out of it. (Think pigpen and the cloud that surrounds him.)
I may be getting spring cleaning fever, I have this urge to clean my house from top to bottom. I'm talking, the kind of cleaning where you even dust the baseboards. The sun is shining in the windows and you can see every bit of yuck and dust that has piled up over the winter. I can't wait to be able to open windows and doors and let fresh air in.
I did these cards on Saturday, when I was playing with the Cosmo cricket papers. The white swirl (Autumn Leaves Swirls v.2) is embossed onto the paper with white embossing powder. I guess I think of that doodle as a very elegant swirl, but look how fun it is when paired with springy paper and done in white!
Happy Monday, everyone!


Allison said...

These are beautiful...I love the paper you chose to create these!

Anonymous said...

Will you come to visit me, zappster? I need my taxes done in a bad way. I'll feed you Chicken Marsala and some cake, too! - jenn

HB said...

Holy CRAP you can crank out gorgeousness!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color palette on you!!