Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ok, here's the card I alluded to earlier this week. Please tell me if it's a been-there-done-that layout, because I like to think I invent new things, only to find out that DUH LZ, that's been done before.

My first thoughts on these bees was to create a hive card, where the door opens up and you see the friendly, 'I'm not out to sting you' bees inside. But since I suck at drawing anything remotely close to a hive, I stuck to a square card with a sort of 'door'. I used a little metal hinge to keep the door closed.

To create the door, I 'floated' the cutting head on my fiskars trimmer so that it started on the inside of my card, not at the edge, and then cut a slit. You can also mark measurement lines on your paper to show you where to cut. (I'm a lazy stamper, therefore I eyeball everything). Then I moved the cardstock over a few inches and cut the same size slit. Am I explaining this ok? To finish, turn the cardstock sideways and connect the 2 slits. To crease the edge of the 'door', I used an embossing stylus to score the fold area of the door.

I layered white paper underneath the green cardstock, then stamped my bees on the inside of the door. Take the image out and then color it. Attach to inside of card when you're finished glittering the beez.

So tomorrow night, I think I'll tell you my lazy-girl watercoloring technique. Tami M (TMarie asked how I watercolor my images on an earlier post. Now I'm not the one you should be taking watercoloring lessons from, I'm by no means an expert in the field here. I'll have to defer to all the DD girls on this one. But I do have some basic tricks for a beginning stamper to use that can help you shade your images. More to follow. (BY THE WAY, HI TAMI M!)


Chris Smith said...

This is an adorable card and I know i've never seen one like it. Thanks for your detailed directions too!

Beate said...

Lisa, You are a stamping machine! I love your work! Hugs!

Julie said...

I love this! TFS!

Allison said...

This is super...I am starting to love those bees!

Em said...

What a fab idea, I love it!

Well done you, your stuff is great, you are one clever bunny.

Am loving your craft room too - I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a craft room like that lol!

Em (UK)

HB said...


tmarie said...

Another great bee card! Love the little "hive", so cute! Can't wait to hear your watercoloring technique...your colors are always so bight and happy! I love to get everyones little tips and tricks! Oh by the way...I had a few of these bees, but HAD to run out and get this bee trio thanks to your cards!

Pam H. said...

How cute is THIS???? Love the door and those sweeeet beeeezzzz!