Friday, March 16, 2007

Treats O' Plenty!

I'm not Irish, but I think I'll start every word with an "O" all weekend, in honor of St. Patty's day. Hoards of Minnesotans will gather tomorrow in downtown St. Paul, parading through the streets in their green glory in search of a fun bar to day-drink green beer in. Alas, I will not be drinking anything green, as my girl gang canceled our celebration. Which means the St. Patty's day hangover is cancelled too. I'll be stamping instead, with my Aunt and her scrapbooking club in Wisconsin.

I'm not Irish, I'm Italian. So I thought instead, I'd post an Italian themed card. Ok, its a stretch, but what Italians do best is EAT DECADENT TREATS. (Ok, I lied. I don't have any St. Patricks day themed stamps, and I wanted to use my new Stampendous stamp, Tiers of Treats.)

OMG THIS STAMP IS SO FUN TO PLAY WITH. I'm so HAPPY that the stamp is a decent size, and the treats are completely fun to color in and glittah. If your local stamp store doesn't carry it, you can get it from my favorite stampin' girl, Joy @ Eclectie Paperie. They only had 3 in stock so I told everyone I'd breaka da fingers if they grabbed my treats before I could get my order in. I'm sure Joy can get more if you bug her. I should also mention that the paper is new shabby-full Daisy D's, Butterfly Dot - Cherry Tomato.

So aside from the shameless plug for Joy, whom I adore, have a happy O'Patty's day, and make sure the beer is really supposed to be green if you drink it.


Allison said...

Love that card...the color scheme is yummy!

Beate said...

Beautiful card and stunning coloring!

Heather said...

AWESOME, FUN card! FUN! I need this stamp!

Otter said...

crud!!!! I missed this stamp!! Next order for sure!!! Super cute LZ!!! Pssstttt.....send it to me!!!

Otter said...

oh...the card, not the stamp!! LOL!!