Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I can't sew. Sew what?

How does it work that I can't manage to sew a button on my clothes or hem my own pants, but I can putz for hours sewing itty bitty details on a card. Ok, well I don't think it qualifies as sewing really, please don't check out the closeup image or you'll be verrrrrrry disappointed.

I'm obsessed with the big blossom now. Do you guys have to warm up to a stamp set like I do? I've really had a hard time with the sell-a-bration sets this year...not really into any of them! What I'm really craving is some good image sets, the ones where you can color to your heart's content and let a stressful day at work melt away.

I think everything has already been done with this blossom...I'm still waiting for inspiration to hit me with something out of the box for the flower blossom. I'll have to get back to you on that one when it hits! The blossom stamp was inked with saffron yellow, and then 'kissed' with various colors (pumpkin pie, ruby red and close to cocoa) and stamps from the polka dots and posy set from the spring mini. Recognize the polka dot paper? Last year's spring mini paper! I hoarded the yellow polka dot too long because it was my favorite pattern and now it doesn't seem new and exciting any more. So I gave myself permission to use it. Yikes. I'm not right.


Allison said...

I like your card...don't worry, I didn't click for the bigger image!

Joy said...

LZ, you are sew the queen of sewing!!!!! I can't even sew cards, I think I broke the sewing machine at the retreat! LOL! I love it. Love your style babe!

Heather said...

Oh - you are SOOOOOOOOOOO right, babe! SO right! Love this card!