Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ok. What do an E.R. visit, a plugged toilet and a cat locked in a bedroom all have in common?

Answer: 3 more "crappy" things that happened to Lisa this weekend! AAAAAAAACK!

THE BAD JUJU CONTINUES! It's a quick post tonite to announce a winner and then I'm off to finish washing my cat locked himself in my bedroom this weekend and used my bed as a litter box. I can't lose the bad JU-JU! The good news is, I arrived at the cabin with all of my stamps. The bad news? I ended up in the E.R. Friday at midnight and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia! GEEZ~ I wanna go back to last week with the graffiti, the bad tires and the cracked windshield! Then the toilet at the cabin backed up today & none of us could get it unplugged. I guess we were lucky it happened at the end of the weekend and not at the beginning, right?

Ok, enough already! I'm going to have a GOOD WEEK! DO YOU GUYS HEAR ME? A GOOD WEEK! *SNORT*! STARTING NOW!

This will make me feel better.....announcing the winner of the Crafty Secrets Wine Lovers stamp set! I had the random number generator at pick a number between 1 & 83!


Twinks, email your address to me at and I'll get the set in the mail to you! Congrats! Thanks to everyone that entered...I can't wait to sit down and read about all of your favorite things about fall! I will have another blog candy post soon, so check back later... I have another small Crafty Secrets set to give away.

I did get quite a bit of stamping in this weekend in between the asthma attacks and the toilet episode, so I have lots of stuff to show you, including the gift I got at Patina for my Mom's birthday. The card above was one I did today... the cute witchy poo is by Inky Antics and was stamped off from friend AngFab. This is last year's Daisy D's Halloween paper, and the swirl is Autumn Leaves Swirl v.2. The sentiment was stamped using the letterpress letters that I've been talking about all week...the card reads "Wild thing, you scare me". More tomorrow...



Michele Kovack said...

You are too funny! Luck certainly seems to run in streaks doesn't it? Your has to be on the upswing soon! Hope you feel better! At least you got some stamping done! That was goood!!!

Alhambra Club said...

Oh my, not a good weekend, but you are right the toilet could have backed up at the beginning of hte wekend. Feel better soon, love the card you made.

Jenn said...

Dang girl!!! I'm soooooo PISSED that you are still sick. That totally vacuums!!! Glad you finally got so good drugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Thank goodness you got some stamping in so it wasn't a complete disaster. Take care of yourself and rest! Remember, you can stamp more when you're well, than if you're sick. :)

Michelle L. said...

Oh my goodness! You need to start buying lotto tickets, 'cause your luck has got to change soon! Hope this week is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh huge, huge hugs to you!!! You just qamaze me with your talents, the treasures you find and the ability to "laugh" when all else fails. I hope you'll feel better soon.

BTW - I was so with you on your story and reread what the cat did and scrolled a bit down and there was my name. :) I am delighted to use your creations as my inspiration for this wonderful blog candy.

Get and keep well, my friend!


Heather McNally and Melissa MacDonald said...

Z - you need REST!!!!!!!! And there you are - sick as a dog - shopping and stamping! I love you! Now go relax!!!!!!!!

Debbi T said...

You know how they always say to look for the positive, right?

Well your positive would be that you don't live HERE and require *real medical help* because that phrase and my rock do NOT mesh!!!!

Glad you got some good drugs, and I hope you're on the mend soon! Dr. QC says stay home and stamp!! *wink wink*

Sandra Smart said...

Oh my gosh, I am sorry to say that I am sitting here laughing at your posts. I cannot believe everything that you are going through you poor woman! Hang in there girl, God gave us mountains so we would learn how to climb! :)