Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You are one of a kind.

Moving on to day 3 of 'ANNA WIGHT' week with another little scene from Whippersnapper's new Anna release called 'Fish Friends". I know this little mushroom was meant to hold this sweet little froggie in a sitting position. But I wanted to convey a bouncy, happy frog singing his own little tune. So I borrowed a technique I saw on a card done by Terry at Creative Cuts & More, and drew a little 'bounce' check mark underneath the frog, so that it looks like he's hopping. For the sentiment, I used the "one of a kind" sentiment from Anna's new "Friendly Expressions" set.

At first, I thought it would be fun to color the frog a different color other than green, but decided instead to make him 'different' from the usual frogs by BLINGING HIM OUT in green Mark Richards rhinestones!

Sparkly WARTs? Heck yeah! Why not? A frog's gotta have their day to shine too! I also bling'd out the mushroom with some yellow rhinestones, and the circle around the frog with brown glitter.

Papers: October Afternoon
Copics: Sanguine, Celedon green, olive green, spring dim green, golden yellow, blue green, mint green and w2 warm grey.


Savor the Journey said...

Oh hush Uuuuuup!
I love this blinged froggy! Toadally a smile-maker!

Laurie in MN said...

Your cards using the new Anna Wright sets are wonderful. I love the color combinations you use, too.
I have started buying Copics and when I see color combinations I like, I write the numbers down so I know what to buy. Your blog will be a big help.