Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back from the Cabin!

Hope you all had a great Mother's day! I spent Mother's day at the cabin with my parents and sister. On Sunday Mom & Dad cooked chicken on the grill and had the whole family over, including Grandma, Auntie Jan & Toonie (see Toonces, you're famous now), Uncle Bob & cousin Jessie. We had gorgeous weather on Saturday. Our days at the cabin are full of inspiration; garage sale-ing, antiquing, fishing, grilling out, pontooning and for me, making cards. Its so easy for me to be inspired at our cabin.

I got this great new Crate paper at Eclectic Paperie. I spent one of the days putting layouts together; basically piecing paper onto cardstock for about 30 cards. Later I'll add main stamped images and embellishments. I did actually finish these 2 cards. I was working at the table with this vintage 50's tablecloth on it that used to be my Grammie's. I didn't realize it at the time, but when I finished the cards, I noticed how much the colors I chose for the cards mimic the tablecloth colors.

Mom bought gifts for the auntie's and Grandma; she scored more buckets from Michael's and added these beautiful plants to them. The buckets are 40 percent off right now...I see a trip to Mike's in my future!

The bird stamps are from Crafty Secrets, from the Birdnotes set.


chelemom said...

Great vintage cards! Love those birdies! Happy Mother's Day to you Lisa!

Michelle Wooderson said...

Hey Zappy, your bluebirds are sitting on my fence this morning..singin a pretty song! Love your cards, love that table cloth and cute little barn. Sounds like a splendid weekend. Gotta put Michael's on my list, I saw those buckets some time ago. Green is my color!

Valerie said...

Just a big giant WOW! What a wonderful place to escape to and have a piece of paradise for the weekend before tackling another week!

Bethany Paull said...

Wow! I wasn't sure if those birds were stamps you colored or pre-printed little art pieces. They're so gorgeous! Funny about the tablecloth too.

Jenn said...

Your schtuff is just amazing, Lisa. Always, always. I love when you go to the cabin to create and be with family and just refresh. You always churn out such goodies there - it must be all the extra lovin' you get from being with those you love!