Monday, May 28, 2007

Stamp sale at Michaels

Hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend and made sure to take a moment to honor their heros today. I'm back from the cabin...this weekend was sweatshirt weather and cold, so I have lots to show you on the stamping front!

I meant to do a quick post on Friday before I flew out the door but never had time to do it...Michaels is clearing out a lot of their stamps, making room for Martha Stewart goods. I was there on Thursday night and they had 50 percent off of the lowest clearance price! I got this whole set of Anna Griffin rooster stamps for $6.00! YIPPIE! I love a great deal! You may want to check your local Michaels and see if they still have the 50 percent off clearance deal going on. I ended up with a ton of the Anna Griffin stamps, so you'll be seeing a lot of her stuff this week!

The paper is by Crate, Cowgirl Collection. The floral is called "Side Saddle" and the polka dot is "Red Boots". The Anna Griffin stamp set comes with the cool checkerboard pattern stamp, and a great script stamp too (see photo below). I hope the Anna Griffin stamps are still out there for you guys to score...they are a heck of a deal and so easy to color! Next time I'll be more on the ball and issue the Michael's alert earlier! :)


Michele Kovack said...

Always first in line to leave my comment! Missed ya this weekend! I am posting pics of my kiddos swimming for the first time today! Love these cards! I am STAYING out of all stores...on a new budget! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have this set. Thanks for a new way of looking at them. Really cute!

Rebecca said...

Oh! I love this!

Rebecca said...

I love these roosters! unfortunately, my michael's didn't have any of these in the clearance!

PS You've beeen tagged!

Memories of Time said...

OMG>.. those are SO cool! SO cool! Zapstar.. I just adore you! :)