Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's a date.

There are some disadvantages to being a cardmaker... the biggest one is that I haven't stepped foot in a Hallmark store in years. So therefore, I don't own a little calendar for in my purse.... you know, the little square ones that used to be free at the check-out counter? I loved those calendars. Now I'm all nostalgic on you guys. ANYWAY.

This weekend when I was at Bargain Bills, I was in the stationery section and was looking for a purse calendar. The only thing they had were ugly little check-book looking calendars with a cat on the outside for .99 each. Dang, I should have taken a picture of the cat. I thought, well, who cares if the outside is ugly...I'll just alter it. The main thing to me is that the inside of the calendar was ok to look at every day. So I had one calendar in my cart, and it dawned on me that THIS IS WHAT I DO, I ALTER STUFF. DUH, BUY MORE! So I bought 6 of them and brought them back to the cabin and altered a couple. Wouldn't these be fun little gifts for your stamping friends? The best thing is that the calendars go until 2008. TWO YEARS for the low low price of .99! AND they have a plastic covering, so that my stamping work won't get spilled on! You'll be seeing more of these bad boys! :)

Paper is by Daisy D's, Beacon Scroll - Colonial Blue

Stamp is by Anna Griffin (Michaels clearance, $2.50!)

AND there's that Daisy D's Cherry Tomato Polka dot again! :)


Carol (HB) said...

Well, now that you have a calendar, let's make a stamping date!!!!!
LOVE what you are doing with your new "bargain" stamps!

snowmom13 said...

Gorgeous as usual(and so thrifty!!). I may have to hit one of my Dollar stores and see what I can find.
I love that Daisy D paper,
the colors are so nice and bright.
How did you color in those Anna Griffin stamped images? I was oggling(sp?) those stamps at M's a while back, but didn't get them because I thought they'd be hard to color in.

Michele Kovack said...

Lovely as always Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore these. I love the colors and the textures.

Soguesswhat11 said...

beautiful rich colors! I used to make these a few years ago, but i haven't found any new ones in a while... what a great way to remind me to get out and find some new ones to make! Great job on these!

Bethany Paull said...

These colors are so lively. I'm going to have to try them soon.