Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The unthinkable.

Y'all are going to clutch your heart when I confess to this crime. I got the "Card sentiments" set from Crafty Secrets, and.... (get closer, I'm going to whisper this)... I cut the acrylic and removed the "YOU ARE INVITED" sentiment from the hare image. GASP! Went right in with my rubbah scissors and cut that sucker right out of the middle of his little banner! I needed to get at this awesome vintage rabbit image and use it for Birthday and Thank You cards.

Now I know you can mask off the sentiment very easily, and no rubber or acrylic is harmed in this process. But I am, what you would call, a LAZY STAMPER. I just don't want to mess with masking! I will confess to more crimes of this sort....cutting up entire phrases, word by word, so that I can just stamp the word I want and GO. I have to say, I learned this from my Stampin' Up days! Only now, because the stamps are acrylics and I don't have to worry about wood blocks to mount them on, I'm out of control. I'm cutting here, cutting there, killing my poor acrylic stamp sets. But you know what? I'm getting so much use out of them!

I love that it looks like this guy is making a huge announcement. The paper I used with these cards is "Beacon Scroll - Colonial Blue from Daisy D's". I think this paper looks so masculine...almost like a classic old cigar box. How great will this be for male oriented cards? I have to share a huge score with you...we ran to Rice Lake, WI this weekend, and there's a store called "Bargain Bill's", that has a whole outbuilding dedicated to scrapbooking & stamping. Anyway, they have a huge BUTTON bin, and you can grab as many buttons as you want for a penny each. I dug through that bin for 15 minutes and picked out some gorgeous buttons... and the beautiful part was, I only spent $1.25! In stamp math, that meant I got to buy a new stamp because I saved SO much money on buttons. Plus I got to pick out exactly the ones I wanted! :) Happy Tuesday everyone!


HB said...

OMG you SO just CRACK ME UP!!! I love it... de-signing (as in "decapitating") the stamp. LOL You know I LOVE every single thing you create, don't you?!!!

chelemom said...

Tooo funny Lisa! I needed some serious giggles today...thanks! I really love these cards!

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

Murderer! bwwwahhh! I have to admit that I've done the same thing. Great cards as usual, and I love that paper!

Pam/Iris said...

You are FULL of great ideas LZ! Love the wabbit!!

Anonymous said...

LOL what a laugh!!

what a great card. the dp is so pretty paired with the hare.

were do you get the crafty secret stamps? i am looking for 2 weeks now on ebay were i got my first one but now they are not to find anymore :-(


chelemom said...

You've been tagged my late night friend!