Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A cherry Tuesday.

The buzz today was all about Stampin Up's retiring sets. Judging from all of our reactions, I'd say we all have a few too many sets cluttering up our stamp rooms, some of which have barely seen ink, and are now retiring, never to be seen again. They'll soon be replaced with new, fun stuff that we'll all NEED!

I'm one of those people who use maybe one or 2 stamps from a set, and then get bored with it and move on. My goal with the new Stampin Up catty is to focus this year on those sets that are really my style, and to gravitate toward sets that can be used for multiple occasions. I'm sure we all have limited budgets for stamps, and want to make the most of our money. When I look at a stamp set, no matter how much I WANT it, the first thing I do is look at it and see how many different occasions I can envision myself using the set for. If I can't think of any out of the box uses for it, I'm not going to buy it. (Don't hold me to this after the new catty comes out though. All bets are off.)
This week I'm going to focus on the following stamp set from Crafty Secrets: Kitchen Classics.
The main use for this set is recipe cards, recipe books, and kitchen themed things. WONDERFUL images for a scrapbooker or recipe afficionado. But how do us card-makers make use of it? For the next 3 days, you'll see the images from this set used in non-traditional ways. If you saw my apron card from a few days ago, you'll see I adapted it to a Mother's day themed card. Remember, you don't necessarily have to use stamped sentiments on your card. Your computer is a GREAT tool for those out of the box ideas.
I stamped this Campbell's kid and put the pie image in his hand. Did you know the platter he's holding is meant to hold all the food items in the set? What other sayings can you come up with for this pie image, knowing the filling can be any color? Here's a hint. Apple pie. Berry pie. List any ideas you have here; what can you come up with?
Have a cherry Tuesday!


Vicki C said...

OH my goodness girl.. you are just rock'n these stamps!

chelemom said...

Another cutie pie card! How about, "you are the apple of my eye." or "Thank you berry much." I know, I know kind of cliche!

Viv said...

I have that Crafty Secrets coming from SweetMissDaisy so I'm enjoying seeing what you do with it. I first saw it used for a recipe book on JulieHHR's blog and it was the best! Love your work so excited about seeing what else you use this for.

Littlekel90 said...

First of all, your card is too darn cute! I just love the Campbell's soup kids--the old fashion ones remind me of when I was a kid--not that long ago ya know *wink*

How about "As American as . . . "

then in side-- "mmmm, apple pie."

Corny, I know, but I would like it! :)

Pam/Iris said...

LOVE the little guy holding the pie LZ, love all the red too!