Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paris in the Spring.

Oh crap. I've been digging through my 'for sale' pile for the garage sale and pulling out stamp sets. I walk past them and think, NO NO, I CAN'T GET RID OF THIS ONE. Look at me...what a sad sad little hoarder who is TOO attached to her rubber! So I'm making myself use these sets, once and for all, to prove to myself that I really will use them again.

I can't get rid of "Paris in the Spring" for ONE reason. These cartooney gifts! I haven't touched the chickie on the motorscooter, but I'm a whiz with the presents! GEEZ!

How many more sets will I snag from the pile before the garage sale hits? And one more question regarding the dead lawn mower. Why is it that it won't start when a girl is trying to use it, but my Dad comes over and it starts up immediately for him? Is it some guy-designed starter that is programmed to only start if it senses you're male?

Still playing with the primas and the Paper Salon Paper! Oh, and OLD stamp sets! :)


HB said...

O' Good Golly!! You have more amazing creative ideas packed in that pretty little head! I LOVE these!!!

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

Step away from the box LZ! crack me up! I've got one of those boxes's just so hard to part with any sets. Last time I sold stamps, I was kickin' myself for selling one set, cuz I wanted to use it just days after it was gone! Anyway, your cards rock as usual! Can't wait to check your blog everyday to see what you've created!

Valerie said...

KA UTE!!!!

And too funny about the mower. I don't have mower starting trouble, it's the dang gas weed wacker I can't start (evah!)!