Monday, May 21, 2007

What's your process?

For those of you that just found me through Joy and Daisy's "Eclectic Expose', I wanted to show you a little bit about my process. I find it so interesting to read about how people are inspired and what drives them when they are creating. Heather Nichols (Pinefeather) has an AWESOME post on her blog about her process...if you're interested & haven't already read it, her blog link is HERE. My process is a little..uhm, shall we say MESSIER. Friend Angfab calls me an EXPLODER"; as in, your desk looks like a bomb exploded on it when you're done. I find inspiration in papers messed up in piles.

I usually start my process by pulling out papers that seem like they jive together. Sometimes it's easy, as with these Paper Salon "Pristine" papers. The whole line is made to coordinate, so it's easy to pick papers that go together. I usually end up mixing it up a bit and adding papers from other lines, if they strike me right. My first step is to put together a bunch of layouts, all using the same few papers. Here I've done about 10 or 11 card layouts. I'll then go back later and add a focal image or embellishment. Because these papers are bright and flowery, I'll probably choose cartooney or fun, cutesy images. But the most important part of my process is to make sure to avoid all cleaning or housework. This ensures that I get a lot of stamping done.

Yesterday you saw a few of the cards I created with the 'Caribbean Blue' colored cards. Today I'm playing with the chocolate brown papers. The floral stamps are by Paper Salon's Create-a-flower Tin.

My unbelievable banner today was designed by Bethie Silaika of Freckled Fun designs.


chelemom said...

I have a very similar process...I am very messy! AS a matter of fact I am working on the floor now..the little bit that is left, cuz my desk is covered...and I DON't feel like cleaning it!

beate said...

Thanks for telling us about your process. your cards always come out perfectly gorgeous!

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Thank you for sharing your process! Having the pictures to look at really helps my brain absorb the information! I've so far resisted the idea of mass-producing, but between you and Michelle Wooderson, I've been converted! It would be nice to actually have cards on hand.