Monday, December 8, 2008

Bingo 2

I'm off bowling tonite but I got TONS of stuff done this weekend that I need to upload and show you! I cranked out close to 50 cards this weekend and then putzed some more at home yesterday. So for now I'll leave you with a quick bingo card that I made last week for my scrap room tree. This one was done with last year's Crafty Secrets "Vintage Christmas" set. I broke down and bought a Martha Stewart snowflake punch, and have been punching out snowflakes and glittering them up with Red Martha Stewart glitter.

The paper is from K & Company (Michaels), as is the round "joy" sticker. I also added some cool buttons to the top. The black swirl on the bottom is also from Crafty Secrets "Flourishes" set. I can't believe how quick these are to crank out. Really it's just a strip of paper to cover the top "Beano", and then you can just add an image and embellish the top strip!

So tonite my goal is to raise my bowling average. It's supposed to snow 3-5 inches so I'll be coming home to some shoveling, for sure!

Happy Monday, all!



Jodi Collins said...

Beautiful Lisa! LOVE that Santa! Have fun bowling!!!

Carol (HB) said...

Ha! Shoveling is done (well, the front anyway). Happy Winter!

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Wow Lisa, this is beautiful! I have to add it to the blog because I've been looking for cool Christmas ideas besides cards and this is turned out so COOL!


Michele Kovack said...

Love these BINGO cards!!! Do are you done shoveling yet? We have rain right now turning into snow later! Talk about icy and dangerous! ugh! (Thanks for leaving a comment on my made my day! : )

Vicki G said...

Cute!!!!! 50 cards Lisa???? WOW!!!! I am impressed!

Heather Gates said...

Love the cards! Shovel and work those biceps/triceps girl!
When I was in 6th grade, my Jr. league bowling team (The Old Kids on the Block)took 6th place in the MN state tournament. I still have my sweet trophy! Jealous aren't you! Come and see my blog Lisa- I'm finally posting! Heather

Kookie said...