Monday, November 12, 2007

Good thing I don't like mushrooms!

Thank you SO much to Janine Tinklenberg & Petie S. for helping us identify the Super Mario Brothers mushroom (Pegg S, you make me giggle!) Check out this link that tells all about my Mom's mushroom! I did *NOT* see any smurfs living in it, but then again, I did not EAT any of it! HOW COOL IS THAT... we had poisonous, hallucinogenic mushrooms growing at our cabin! AND MY MOM found it! Can she get arrested for for growing mushrooms? Just checkin'.

These cards are some of the projects I worked on this weekend; I was asked to design some Christmas cards for the HR department where I work, as they want to do a special order of cards from me instead of ordering printed cards this year. These cards are GINORMOUS, because they wanted everyone in the department to be able to sign their names to the card. The red Santa card is a full 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper folded in half! HUGE!
All of the images and sentiments are from Crafty Secret's Vintage Christmas Stamp Set, except for the row of birds, which are from the Birdnotes set. It was sort of difficult to fill such large space for me, as I'm so used to making 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" cards! They chose a design today, which was tweaked from 2 of these cards. Tomorrow I'll show you the final version that they decided on. I've been in production mode already tonite, cutting cardstock! Tomorrow, I'll post the finished product. I'm off to continue cutting; I have 50 cards to produce this week & a Hanna release on Friday! More tomorrow! L.


Jessica said...

That is too funny about that mushroom. It's so pretty and storybook-looking.
I love your big cards, especially the first one with all the strips of paper and the birds. It is hard to change from a small format to a bigger one. Probably why I don't scrapbook. Big spaces must intimidate me!

Sandra Smart said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny about the mushroom! I think it deserves a spot in your banner for a while! :)

HB said...

oooo' I agree with Sandra... the mushroom deserves Banner time!!!
LOVE the Christmas cards - especially the birds (duh, you know my love of birds!). Great, no FABULOUS job as always!!!

chelemom said...

Too funny! I just used that Santa/sleigh image on very similar paper....I guess great minds think alike!